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When deciding on a institute you'll be looking for an institute that offers excellent teaching and resources to enable you to succeed. We're confident that we can offer both.

Success edifice in steps :
The first step for success is strong subject fundamentals. Once the first step is firmly in place, they serve as a foundation for more advanced skills. If the first steps are loose, the foundation for advanced skills becomes weak which makes one fragile. Weak foundation does not support advanced concepts which are required to crack Board Exam.

Our curriculum is comprehensive, or so to say, 'engaging mindfully'. Each move we make if focused towards the fact that we have to get the best out of our students. We believe that building a sustainable future for our students lie in supporting courageous learners who dare to ask tough questions. We support them with the tools of academics to ensure that their insight and answers are valid and useful.

To monitor day-to-day progress of the student, we have developed a unique concept od DCT(Daily Class Test). Under this sytem, at the end of every lecture a small class test in the form of quiz, debate, revision questionnaire, informal board test etc, is conducted.

DCT's are based mainly on the current topic, as sometimes as it has some questions from previous topic also. These problems are chosen in a manner that emphasises on through understanding and application of concepts taught till date. This routine ensures that students become absolutely conversant with the concepts that they may otherwise rush through during the progress of chapter theory. These questions are desined to remove the minutest doubt of the student and make his concepts absolutely clear. DCT triggers the student's thought process and develops his temperament for formal tests so as to face challenges with ease and confidence.

Problem solving sessions
Our coaching programme introduces fundamentals and concepts in a very simple and understanding manner. The students are exposed to ligically arranged sets of problems and exercise sheets to be tackled as home assignments by means of Tutorials in Maths and Science. Doubt removal sessions are conducted to strengthen concepts and give rigorous practice on them. These sessions help in improving student's question answering speed and improve their scoring ability.