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Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Adinath Classes.

Founded in 2008, under the expert guidance of our inspirational founder, Prof. Keval Shah. Adinath Classes is well known in Vadodara for the result it has produced by providing the best quality guidance to Std. 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12 Science, also to Diploma & Degree Engg. students of Vadodara.

Since nearly a decade hence, Adinath Classes has been growing by constantly adapting to various & varied changes brought about in the education system. Testimony to our growth is the fact that we have produced 30 All Vadodara & an All India topper in past few years.

These results however, have been possible only with the co-operation of our highly qualified, popular, talented, experienced and reputed team of professors coupled with the spirit of the 3 D's - Discipline, Determination & Dedication - of our students. Apart from producing spectacular results, the emphasis on concepts at Adinath Classes also helps Adinath's students to do better in all future examinations. A reason why we believe : Better Concepts, Better Future.

Student's best results motivates our entire team to continue the tradition of providing the perfect environment to students to excel through our quality curriculum, infrastucture and professors. Congratualtions to all Adinath students, professors and staff on this glorious recognition.

With BEST WISHES for all your academic endeavours, I remain,
Yours truly
Keval Shah